UZ-XL Large Capacity Filter Uzima Water Filters

UZ-XL Large Capacity Filter

Regular price $450.00

 The UZ-XL is the big brother of the UZ-1, built for the high capacity demands of schools, orphanages, clinics, and large homes. The UZ-XL will work with almost any piped water system, whether gravity-fed or pressurized, and will provide clean drinking water to large groups of people for up to ten years.

Taking advantage of our tested Hollow Fiber Membrane technology, the unique design of the UZ-XL allows for easy maintenance while maintaining a much lower costs than other large filtration systems. The back flushing process on the UZ-XL is all accomplished in-line, with no manual cleaning, and without removing any parts. Simply turn a few valves and let the water pressure in your system do the cleaning. The UZ-XL is a perfect companion for new water systems, and as an addition to existing systems where contamination is present.


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