UZ-1 (Box of 10) Uzima Water Filters
UZ-1 (Box of 10) Uzima Water Filters
UZ-1 (Box of 10) Uzima Water Filters

UZ-1 (Box of 10)

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The UZ-1 is the original Uzima Water Filter, designed and tested in rural Kenya for the needs and environments of the developing world. The UZ-1 is built to be highly effective at bacteria removal, easy to use, durable, and inexpensive, with a high flow rate and long life-span.

Utilizing Hollow Fiber Membrane technology (the same technology used in kidney dialysis), the UZ-1 filters over 99.9999% of the bacteria that cause waterborne disease. It is easily maintained by back flushing with clean water, requires no electricity, there are no consumables to buy, and no parts to replace. Simply drill the required holes in two 20L (5 gallon) buckets and one lid, attach the included bucket connector, filter, and water tap, and the UZ-1 is ready to provide clean water, with no additional operating costs, for up to ten years. It is a simple, effective clean water solution that is easily deployed anywhere in the world.

Each box of 10 UZ-1 filters also includes 10 bucket connectors, 11 water taps, 11 filter cleaners, 11 bucket sticker sets, and 11 educational brochures. Please choose an available language for the printed materials before adding to cart.

Buckets sold separately.

UZ-1 water filters are sold to non-profit organizations in quantities of 10 units.