UZ-CK Bucket Conversion Kit (Box of 25)

UZ-CK Bucket Conversion Kit (Box of 25)

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Pair our Bucket Conversion Kit with a UZ-BP Backpack System and two buckets for the ultimate filtration combination.

The Bucket Conversion Kit contains the bucket filter connector and water tap necessary to convert your UZ-BP into a free-standing, self-contained household filtration system using two easily-sourced 5 gallon (20L) buckets and one lid. Simply remove the UZ-1 water filter from the end of the backpack's rubber tubing and screw it into the grey connector on the bottom of the upper bucket. Now, you have two filter systems in one - an ultra-portable backpack, and a rugged bucket system - just by moving the filter between the two units based on your needs.

Please Note: The Bucket Conversion Kit does not include buckets or the UZ-1 Filter.

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